Thank you for considering a career in Christian Education at Headwaters Christian School. On this page you’ll find information regarding the school’s purpose, employment and volunteer opportunities, required qualifications for these opportunities, and application instructions.


We believe our mission and purpose for Headwater Christian School, by the calling of the Lord, is to minister to families who are convinced that their children ought to be brought up in the Lord for all of His purposes, to be filled with godly character, knowledge, wisdom and skill to live in today's world, but on God's terms and all for His glory. Our focus is to (1) understand and shepherd the heart of the student, and (2) provide a challenging academic curriculum. We have chosen to place our focus on being a discipleship school rather than an evangelistic school. This means that we desire to enroll students/families that already possess a belief in Jesus Christ and have made Him their Lord.

The manner of our effort will be through a Christian-Traditional education, instead of today’s more common Secular-Progressive education. The Secular-Progressive philosophy of education focuses on esteeming self, relative values, no belief in God, and no respect for higher authority. The Christian-Traditional philosophy of education focuses on critical thinking, logic, and moral absolutes as determined by our Creator. Christian-Traditional education is a proven method that instills a Biblical and practical view of life. We also endeavor to include Christian principles in every subject in our school curriculum (for example, when teaching math, we show that God is a God of beautiful order).

Available Positions:

We accept applications year-round and will welcome your inquiry. We have the following positions available at this time:

  • Volunteers
    • Classroom assistant
    • Recess monitors
    • Tutors
    • Volunteer teacher for a specific subject (Art, science, music, etc.)
  • Substitute teachers
  • Full time elementary teacher (Grade(s) to be determined)
  • School Administrator/teacher


Service at Headwaters Christian School is more than a job, it is a ministry. Therefore:

  • All employees and volunteers at Headwaters Christian School shall be born-again Christians who are active members of an evangelical church.
  • All administrators shall be members of Headwaters Calvary Chapel.
  • All employees and volunteers shall be in agreement with and comply with the Headwaters Christian School handbook.
  • All employees and volunteers shall be in agreement with the Headwaters Calvary Chapel statement of faith.
  • All employees and volunteers shall give evidence of good moral character.
  • Though helpful, certification as an elementary school teacher is not required at Headwaters Christian School, we are willing to train those with little or no teaching experience. What is required is a right heart and calling by God for teaching, as well as a walk that reveals solid Christian character.

To apply, please contact the school/church at